Unconventional Ways to Improve Your IELTS  Speaking Abilities for Overseas Education

Are you preparing for the IELTS speaking section and seeking innovative ways to enhance your communication skills to study abroad? 

Look no further! This post will walk you through unconventional methods to boost your speaking proficiency. Enhancing your speaking skills for the IELTS exam can be achieved through various unconventional methods that complement traditional methods. These methods focus on fostering natural fluency, expanding vocabulary and developing confidence in a random speech.

We have some essential information for you if you are seeking relevant knowledge to succeed in IELTS with flying colours. Don’t miss to read the entire post!

Challenges in Speaking

One of the primary challenges in IELTS speaking is the pressure of performing under timed conditions. The exam format requires candidates to express their thoughts clearly and concisely, while also demonstrating a range of vocabulary and grammar structures. This can be daunting for non-native speakers, who may struggle with fluency or hesitate due to fear of making mistakes.

Another challenge in speaking English is overcoming shyness and anxiety. Many people feel uncomfortable speaking a foreign language, and this can make it difficult to practice. If you are feeling shy, it can be helpful to start by practising with people you know and trust. You can also try to find a speaking partner who is also learning English. This can take some of the pressure off and make the experience more enjoyable.

What should be the Ideal Score in IELTS to study abroad?

The target score for the IELTS speaking section varies depending on individual requirements and educational goals. However, a general benchmark for a strong speaking score is considered to be a band 7 or above. This level indicates that the candidate can express ideas fluently and accurately, using a wide range of vocabulary and grammar structures. A score of 7.0 or above is considered “good” overall. One can describe band 7.0 as a “good user”, band 8.0 as a “very good user” and band 9.0 as an “expert user”.

Essentials Required for a High Score in Speaking 

To achieve a high score in the IELTS speaking section, candidates must demonstrate a knowledge of various aspects of spoken English, including:

  • Fluency: Speaking smoothly and effortlessly, without excessive pauses or filler words.
  • Vocabulary: Employing a diverse range of words, including idioms and expressions to convey ideas precisely.
  • Grammar: Using correct grammatical structures and sentence patterns for effective communication.
  • Pronunciation: Expressing words clearly following the rhythm and accent of native speakers.
  • Comprehension: Actively listening to and understanding the examiner’s questions and prompts. 
  • Relevance: Providing relevant and precise responses that address the topic at hand.

How WorldEdX can help you get a High Score in the Speaking Section?

WorldEdX offers a complete IELTS preparation program that incorporates innovative methods to enhance speaking skills. The program features:

  • Interactive IELTS speaking lessons: Engaging video lessons that provide clear explanations of grammar concepts and pronunciation techniques.
  • Personalized feedback and support: Regular feedback from experienced IELTS instructors to identify areas for improvement and instructions accordingly.
  • Practice opportunities with native speakers: Virtual conversation sessions with native English speakers to gain confidence and fluency in real-world scenarios.
  • Mock IELTS speaking exams: Mock speaking tests under timed conditions to prepare for the actual exam format and build test-taking strategies.

By utilizing WorldEdX’s comprehensive approach, candidates can overcome the challenges of IELTS speaking and achieve their desired score for overseas education. 


Studying abroad is a life-changing opportunity and achieving success in the IELTS speaking section is a crucial step toward making that dream a reality. WorldEdX combines innovative and unconventional learning methods to empower you on your language proficiency journey. Your journey to overseas education begins with a confident and accomplished performance in the IELTS test, and WorldEdX is here to guide you every step of the way.

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